This afternoon North Carolina Business Court Chief Judge Bledsoe issued an Order confirming that the Order issued by Chief Justice Beasley last Thursday applies to cases in the North Carolina Business Court.   Judge Bledsoe’s Order contains comprehensive explanation as to what this means for current North Carolina Business Court cases and effectively suspends any and all deadlines in pending matters until at least April 17, 2020.  It also extends the deadline for hard copy filing of materials listed in Rule 5(d) of the North Carolina Business Court Rules in the clerk’s office of the county of venue until April 24, 2020.

The Order does not necessarily mean that all activity in the Business Court will come to a halt, however.  The parties in a specific case, with the consent of the assigned Business Court judge, may agree to deadlines prior to April 17, 2020.  Moreover, while no in person hearings or conferences may take place in NCBC cases prior to April 17, 2020, the assigned Business Court Judge to a case may convene telephonic or videoconference hearings or conferences with the consent of the parties.

A full copy of the Order can be found here.

–Patrick Kane