This afternoon, Chief Judge Bledsoe issued a second Order – 14 April 2020 NCBC Order – applicable to all Business Court Actions extending case management and other deadlines and procedures to match those in Chief Justice Beasley’s 13 April 2020 S.Ct. Order.

In short, all case management deadlines for NCBC cases falling between 16 March 2020 and 1 June 2020 are extended to 1 June 2020, and anything else to be done before 1 June 2020 will be deemed timely if done by 1 June 2020.

As with the Business Court’s previous 23 March 2020 NCBC Order Chief Judge Bledsoe again provides helpful clarity on the types of case activities to which this second Order applies. Basically, anything with a due date or deadline between now and 1 June is extended until 1 June unless the parties agree otherwise. This includes filing of pleadings, motions and briefs as well as “[a]ll other acts” including discovery, mediation, motions, and other case activities.

Importantly, however, in paragraph (v), Chief Judge Bledsoe encourages (but does not require) parties to confer and advise their assigned Business Court Judge concerning: (a) any filings or other case activity the parties agree may occur before 1 June 2020; (b) any video or telephone hearing on any matter the parties agree may be held before 1 June 2020; and (c) any revised filing or case management deadlines to which the parties agree.

Finally, as Chief Judge Bledsoe noted in his prior order, alterations or modifications may follow in response to any additional orders or directives of Chief Justice Beasley or as circumstances may warrant. Our most sincere hope, is that circumstances warrant the safe resumption of case and life activities by 1 June or soon thereafter.