The Business Court sorted through the drama of an affiliated outsider who wanted to buy a company, settled for half and became an insider, and then allegedly used that perch to benefit himself and his family in W. Avalon Potts v. KEL, LLC, et al, 2019 NCBC 29, 2019 WL 2058599 (N.C. Super. Ct.

Sometimes when seeking a trail of breadcrumbs to help unwind a twisty problem, one finds the whole loaf, instead. So it was for the N.C. Business Court in granting a preliminary injunction on a claim for misappropriation of trade secrets in Biesse America, Inc. v. Dominici, 2019 NCBC 50 (N.C. Super. Ct. Aug. 19,

N.C. Business Court Dismisses Inadequately Pled Retaliation and Wrongful Discharge Claims.

In Michael J. Kelley v. Charlotte Radiology, P.A., 2019 NCBC 14 (N.C. Super Feb. 27, 2019), Judge Conrad granted a motion to dismiss claims alleging wrongful discharge and a violation of the Retaliatory Employment Discrimination Act (REDA). The case involved a dispute between

N.C. Business Court weighs in on a breach of contract action involving a wine bottle opener manufacturer and alleged counterfeiters.

How does one open a wine bottle clogged by an old half-crumbled cork? Plaintiff may have the solution, but since we’re in the business court, there is obviously a snag.

In Wining Taylors, LLC v.